Joint diseases often associated with aging…

joint Diseases often associated with age-related changes in articular
tissues, however, these diseases may develop due to injury, deposits
salts and congenital abnormalities.

It’s quite a large group of diseases with different causes, but both have similar symptoms, the main ones are soreness in the joints, accompanied by a decrease in motor activity.

Obviously, for the effectiveness of it is necessary to identify the root cause of the disease. must be performed by a doctor who, in addition to drug therapy, and appoints special diet.

In the diet of arthritis sufferers should not be anything smoked, spicy, salty, fried, and alcoholic beverages.

Along with traditional methods of treatment of diseases of the joints,
the use of folk remedies, many of which give amazing
therapeutic effect. In the treatment of arthritis drugs Golden mustache take
inside and are for various grinding and compresses. However, if it is noticed that after the use of drugs Golden mustache the pain intensifies, you should stop treatment and seek medical attention.

For rubbing and compresses using an alcohol , which is prepared as follows: 40 kolentsi Golden mustache crushed, placed in a vessel made of dark glass, pour 0.5 liters of vodka or medical alcohol and insist 3 weeks in a cool dark place, shaking regularly.

This tincture daily rubbing the joints until you feel the heat. Then the joint should wrap a warm , preferably made of pure wool, which creates an additional warming effect.

To compress a clean gauze, folded several times, should be well impregnated with the tincture and applying to the affected joint for 1-2 hours Rubbing and compresses, make 1-2 times a day. At the same time tincture is taken orally to 2 teaspoons 3 times a day 1 before . The of treatment is 1 , then you need to take a break for 10 days, after which treatment is repeated if necessary.

In this disease there is a shift of the intervertebral discs, causing severe pain and leads to a significant decrease in motor activity. This disease responds well to treatment, which usually is comprehensive. Often applied special complex of physical exercises, as well as prescribers, which is aimed at reducing pain. In folk medicine there is also a lot of money to treat this disease, including drugs Golden mustache is not the last place.

Recipe 1
Affected area should be rubbed daily alcohol tincture Golden mustache. In addition, you can apply the juice from the leaves of a Golden mustache, which is impregnated with a gauze cloth and applied for 1 h to the affected area. These packs help to reduce pain. For compresses can be used not only juice, the crushed leaves of the plant, which are wrapped in gauze and apply to the sore spot.

Recipe 2
To compress, you can use an of the roots of Bryonia white and leaves Golden mustache. We need to take 0.5 teaspoon dried crushed roots of Bryonia and 0.5 teaspoon dried or fresh chopped leaves Golden mustache to put in a ceramic or enamel bowl, pour 4 cups of boiling and infuse for 2-3 hours, then strain and pour into a glass dish. This infusion to impregnate the gauze, folded in several layers and applied to the affected area of the body for 30 minutes.

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