DELICIOUS HOME-COOKED SPRATS1 kg fresh frozen sardines (capelin)1…


1 kg fresh frozen sardines (capelin)

1 tbsp. salt

1 tsp sugar

1 Cup very strong tea leaves (for example, 3 tea bags)

0.5 cups of oil

5 Bay leaves

6-8 peas of black pepper

A handful of onion peel (optional but it gives even more smoky flavor) or 1 bouillon cube

Cooking sprats at home:

1.Brew strong tea, dissolve in it the salt, sugar, cooling. Enable it in the oven.

2.Fish wash, cut off the tail, fins, head, remove the innards, rinse with cold .

3.Put the fish into the pan very tightly, pour on top of vegetable oil, welding, sprinkle with bouillon cube or put the washed onion hulled(its on the bottom under the fish to put), add Bay leaf and pepper peas.

Bring to boil and simmer with the lid 1.5 hours in the pan on the divider or 2 hours in the oven. Then cool down. Immediately remove the husk. To disturb the fish while fighting it is impossible in any case.

In the refrigerator can be stored up to 6 days.


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