Unique recipe of recovery of joint mobilityThe amount of garlic grams…

Unique recipe of recovery of joint mobility
The amount of 300-400 of , roll it in a meat grinder, put in a quart jar, pour good crude oil. Insist 2 weeks in a dark place , stirring the contents daily. Get garlic oil. Strain through 3-4 layers of cheesecloth.
Method of application : smear the spot( for example the neck in the nape region) to rubbing. Insulated with a warm scarf and go to bed. From the first treatments removed stiffness so characteristic of diseases of the joints. The of is two months. The next day can take a warm shower , but the smell goes away. You can also lubricate dry rubbing hands, if you have a problem in hands. And the results are the same.

What action of garlic butter? Garlic unique anti-sclerotic remedy. Dissolving sclerotic formations around the diseased joint, and arthrosis is the slagging and disruption of blood flow in the region of the diseased joint, thereby contribute to the restoration of health.
Using this prescription , contraindications. There is a Tibetan recipe cleanse joints of garlic on alcohol. But that does not fit all, if a person has liver disease, kidney, pancreas. This recipe is softer, he’s infused in vegetable oil .
If strong affection of these organs, therefore, they can give themselves. Just analyze , and in the case of aggravation – adjust. Or cancel, or diagram use change – for example the amount of oil applied at one time will reduce. Or treatment break – for example , a povtorite, give a break until the vessels to cope with the toxins and the liver and kidneys can handle toxins. Of course, the treatment is better to be done under the supervision of a doctor.
By the way, rubbing garlic oil in the hands, the feet you clean abrasions, corns, rough tissue of the feet, heels.

I wish you health!

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