Tips for a long and healthy life!These rules…

Tips for a long and healthy life!

These rules are still practiced during the Ming dynasty. Ηa the East believe that it is much easier to maintain health, not restore it then.

1. Often comb the hair

Flex your fingers and use them like a comb. Brush your hair from forehead to nape. Run about 100 such movements. The movement should be slow and soft.
This exercise stimulates and massages and massages the energy points of the head, relieves pain, improves vision, reduces blood pressure.
The result will be better if you do exercise in the morning.

2. Often RUB the face

Heat the palm of your hand, so that they become warm, bring them to the face so that the middle fingers touch the sides of the nose. Since energy points in Xiang gently RUB the skin , moving up to his forehead, then to the side, moving to the cheeks.

Do 30 of these movements, preferably in the morning.
Exercise clears the head and reduces blood pressure. Helps against wrinkles.
By the way, massage of these points helps with colds.

3. Often to exercise your eyes

Slowly rotate the eyeballs from left to right (14 times) , then right to left (14 times). Tightly close your eyes and open them sharply.
This exercise improves the eyesight, has a beneficial effect on the liver.

4. Most chatter

First 24 times pokazite molars, then 24 times the front.
This exercise strengthens the teeth, including the enamel of the teeth.

5. More likely to rattle the ears

Close ears with palms and 12 times knock three middle fingers of each hand on the back of the head. Then, holding the index finger to middle click them on the head with a distinctive sound. Do 12 times.

Do it in the morning or when feeling tired.
Exercise helps with ringing in the ears, vertigo, and diseases of the ears. Improves hearing and memory.

6. Often to lick the sky

When you touch the tip of the tongue the upper palate, Yang and Yin meet.
Licking the sky, focus all attention on the space under the tongue and feel how gradually accumulated saliva.

7. Often swallow saliva

When you lick the upper palate in the mouth the saliva gradually accumulates.
In traditional Chinese medicine, saliva is important. It is called “liquid gold”, the treasure of the body. When you swallow saliva, it lubricates the internal organs, limbs and moisturizes hair, promotes digestion and absorption of nutrients, improving the functioning of the stomach and intestines.

When the mouth is filled with saliva, cheeks balloon, 36 times rinse mouth with saliva and then swallow it with a gurgling sound, mentally directing it to the area dantani below the navel.

8. Often exhale the stagnant air

Hold your breath and stretch the chest and abdomen.
When you feel the chest and abdomen filled with air to the limit, lift your head and open your mouth, slowly exhale the stagnant air.

Repeat the exercise 5-7 times. It cleanses the body of stagnant air, improves breathing, helps asthma and pains.

9. Often massage the belly

RUB the palms so that they become warm, place them over the navel (men left hand over right, a woman’s right over left). RUB the belly expanding in a circular motion clockwise (36 laps), then in the opposite direction, gradually reducing radius (also 36 laps).

This exercise improves peristalsis, promotes breathing, prevents stagnation of food in the gastrointestinal tract, improves digestion, prevents and cures gastrointestinal disorders.

10. More often gripping anus

Take a deep breath and strongly tighten the sphincter of the anus, lifting it together with the crotch. After a pause, relax and exhale slowly.
Repeat the exercise 5-7 times. Exercise helps to raise the Yang-qi, prevents and heals hemorrhoids, prolapse of anus and anal fistula.

11. Often shake limbs

Extend the arms forward, make a fist , bending at the waist, turn your shoulders from left to right, like spin the wheel (24 times). Then do the same from right to left 24 times. Sit on a chair, placing his hands under him.

Raise your left leg and slowly straighten it forward (toe turned upwards). When the leg is almost straight with a moderate force, pull it forward, straightening sharply in the knee. Then do the same with the right leg.

Repeat the exercise 5 times.
Exercise helps to stretch the limbs and joints, to overcome the congestion in the meridians and collaterals, prevents and treats diseases of the joints and strengthens the legs.

12. Often RUB the soles of the feet

Washing your feet before bedtime, warm your palms by rubbing, then start slow circular motions to massage the point unchuan on the soles. Make 50 to 100 laps. This exercise strengthens the kidneys, warms the feet and improves communication between the heart and kidney, calms the liver and improves vision.

13. Often RUB the skin

Pre-heating hand rubbing,stroking and RUB the skin on the body in this order: the crown on the top of the head and face, shoulders, hands (first left, then right), chest, abdomen,rib cage on both sides. Then move to the sides of the waist and finally on foot (first the left. then the right). This exercise improves the circulation of blood and vital energy qi and polishes the skin.

14. The back should always be kept warm

According to Chinese medical theory, the body has two main channels: channel I think, passing along the spine and is the “sea of Yang meridians” and the channel jangmi passing through the midline of the chest and is a “sea of Yin meridians”. It is therefore important to protect the chest and back for the normal functioning of these meridians.

15. The chest should always be covered

The importance of this point is described in Rule 14.

16. We must always remain silent when shit

When defecate, lift your head and keep your mouth closed so as not to release from itself the vital substance.

All of these exercises have a scientific basis, proven for centuries and is widely practiced. Doing them, stay focused, keep peace of mind, move slowly and breathe naturally.

Follow these rules every day and enjoy your health!


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