This unique can cure literally all vital systems of the human body.
1. the excretion of salt deposits, toxins and other harmful substances;
2. cleansing blood vessels and improving blood circulatory system;
3. strengthening the immune system;
4. improving metabolism (metabolism);
5. prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system;
6. intensification of appetite;
7. elimination of pathogenic bacteria throughout the body;
8. normalization of high blood pressure;
9. the destruction of harmful microorganisms and the removal of the inflammatory process, primarily in gynecology;
10. weight reduction.

In a transparent bottle and put 12 cloves of , each divided into 4 parts. Pour three cups of red wine. Close and put in a window in the Sun for two weeks. Every day stir 2 – 3 times. At the end of period, strain and pour into a dark bottle.
To make this liqueur you need a teaspoon three times a day for a . Just a miracle cure to bring salt from the body, improve health, purify the blood, improve immunity, strengthen blood vessels. Greatly strengthens the heart, purifies the blood and tones the body. Removes excess fat and improves metabolism.

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Garlic liquor from many diseases This unique tincture can cure literally everything vital systems of the human body. the excretion of salt deposits, toxins and other harmful substances; purifying and cleansing the blood vessels and improvement of the circulatory system; the immune system; improving metabolism (exchange of substances); prevention of diseases cardiovascular system; increased appetite; […]

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