The “Prague” cake – cooking cakesFirst thing take out…

“Prague” cake – cooking cakes

The first thing to take out of the refrigerator butter and put the pack in the capacity in which you will make your cream. Let the briquettes oil is at room temperature until, until soft. In the microwave better not to put: easy to miss the moment when oil will start to melt. Now do some preparation of the test. First, thoroughly beat into a soft mousse eggs with everything specified in the recipe amount of sugar.

If you have a mixer, it is better to use them, you need to stir them up to a maximum dissolving sugar crystals. Then add sour cream and whisk everything together until smooth. Then into the egg-sour cream mixture, add a teaspoon of baking soda.

Again the agitated mass and portions add the flour mixed with 4-5 teaspoons of cocoa. It can be a little less if you want to cut the cake was not too dark. Carefully begin to knead the dough, if necessary adding flour. In the end, we should obtain a smooth, shiny batter, with no lumps and is similar to thick cream consistency.

Prepare a form. It is advisable to cover it with parchment paper or greased with oil and sprinkle with flour. When the form is ready, pour into it the dough (the form should be filled halfway, is no longer worth it, better to bake then another separate layer) and put in a heated oven, heated to 150-180 degrees.

After 5-10 minutes, you can slightly reduce the heat, and 15-20, as will the smell, you can gently test the readiness of cake. Check the traditional way: stick to the stuff a wooden toothpick or a match. If after extraction it remained dry and no shedding crumbs, so everything’s ready and it’s time to get the cakes out of the oven.

Extracted form, let it stand for a couple of minutes and remove the workpiece. We shift it on the work surface of the table or on a wooden Board and gently cooling, cut along.

While the cakes are cooling, prepare the cream.

Cream preparation

Here everything is very , just need to whip the butter, cocoa and condensed milk. First with a mixer, beat the butter in the lush homogeneous mass.

And then portions podbavit condensed milk. The amount of condensed milk depends, as always, solely on your desire. You want the cream was the consistency closer to oil – stop much earlier, somewhere in the third banks. Want a little thinner and a little more of the cream – pour milk more.

Many who like the maximum tender the consistency of the cake “Prague”, cakes optionally impregnated with various syrups.

The same applies to cocoa: you don’t have to put in the cream at all – and get so-called “Prague stripes”. I certainly put on cocoa butter, less than 3 teaspoons’t put. In the photo the cream with 4 teaspoons of cocoa and a can of condensed milk.

The cream for 15-20 minutes is better to put on cold so easily it evenly on the cakes. Well, after this time do everything as always: putting cakes pile on the dish, promazyvaya each a generous layer of cream.

The top of the cake and the sides can be zagazirovanie, and it is also possible to coat with cream.

Decorate as your heart desires. Photo 6 – 10 show some of the jewelry Prague cake.

Now let the cake stand a couple of hours to soak.

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