Chinese “face map”: displays all the ills of the body…

Chinese “map person” shows all of the ills of the human body (learn to read)

In Chinese medicine it is considered that in the human body everything is interconnected. So on the face of each of us reflects the condition of internal organs, need only to be able to properly understand their submission signals.

If the particular area you have acne, inflammation or skin spots, this shows the disadvantage of a particular organ. Let us understand what.

1. Between the eyebrows: liver problems

Acne in this location can occur because of excess toxins, excessive use of drugs or meat allergies. Will help you transition to a healthy diet and exercise in the fresh air.

2. On the nose: heart illness

Even the notorious abundance of black dots indicates that the cardiovascular system is not all right. Watch your pressure, regulate cholesterol levels, do physical exercises regularly and drink a good green tea.

3. Under the eyes: kidneys suffer

Inflammation in this area implying that you need better sleep, and to refuse Smoking and alcohol. Make it a habit to drink more pure and eat the berries.

4. Forehead: bladder and small intestine

Most likely, you disappear under the influence of constant stresses, excess fat and sugar. Urgently adjust your sleep in the diet include raw vegetables and fruits, as well as abstain from alcohol.

5. Cheeks: problems in the lungs

May you breathe in polluted air, smoke a lot, abusing sweets or suffer from allergies. Tie with cigarettes and fast food, and definitely spending more time in fresh, preferably forest, the air.

6. The area of the mouth and chin: stomach suffering

Closely look at your diet. Clean out the surplus fats, food additives, carbonated drinks, and also reduce doses of caffeine. You just need fresh fruit, and an early bedtime.

7. Lower jaw and neck: hormonal problems

Most likely, your body suffers from excess salt, dehydration and slow metabolism. Start with regular drinking of pure water, reduce caffeine and spices. Learn basic meditation techniques and learn the principles of aromatherapy.


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