Ginger tincture – old Tibetan recipeFor cooking…

Ginger – old Tibetan recipe

To prepare the tincture of ginger will need 250 g ginger root. Wash, peel and slice on plate, fill a small container (a jar of sour cream or horseradish), and fill the tank with vodka to the brim. Cover and put in a dark dry place for for 2 weeks. Periodically shake. Strain and add 2 teaspoons of .

Ginger tincture is for the tone of vivacity, is very useful for and colds.

Excellent restore vision!

Take 1 teaspoon before meal 2 times a day. This ancient Tibetan recipe is highly effective. The blood is purified and increase the protective properties of the organism.


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MAKE THIS LIQUEUR you NEED a TEASPOON This unique tincture can cure literally all vital systems of the human body.1. the excretion of salt deposits, toxins and other harmful substances;2. cleansing blood vessels and improving blood circulatory system;3. strengthening the immune system;4. improving metabolism (metabolism);5. prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system;6. intensification of appetite;7. […]

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