5 ways to use hydrogen peroxide in the gardenPeroxide…

5 to use hydrogen peroxide in the garden

Hydrogen peroxide is not only a good antiseptic, but also an excellent tool for a garden. Many gardeners have long it is a unique tool that helps the plants. Tell us about your experience as I apply the hydrogen peroxide in the garden.

The hydrogen peroxide I used not only for medical purposes but also for a vegetable garden for several . So for me it’s a proven tool. Peroxide is used in various cases.

1. Hydrogen peroxide for disinfection of tomato seeds and pepper.
Tomato seeds and pepper before planting the seedlings I definitely disinfected. To do this, use hydrogen peroxide or a solution of potassium permanganate. But since I always have peroxide on hand, most often use this tool.

A 10% solution drop seeds, pre-tying them in gauze. Aged seeds 15-20 minutes. Then drop it into a glass with clean , then dry.

As a result, the peroxide kills all the germs, bacteria and fungi. The seeds are disinfected and are ready for planting.

2. Stimulation of the growth of seeds.
Hydrogen peroxide is an amazing tool because it not only disinfects the seeds, but also stimulates the growth. After with hydrogen peroxide seedlings of tomatoes and peppers will grow strong and healthy.

To prepare the solution in 500 ml of water dilute 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. In a ready solution is lowered seeds in the cheesecloth and aged for 8-10 hours. After that dried seeds to each other come off.

3. Hydrogen peroxide from the black leg and root rot.
Now I have grown tomatoes in the house. To do this, take a special class, this is what I wrote earlier. Soon the rest of the gardeners will start to grow seedlings tomatoi other vegetables. Therefore, this tip will be most welcome.

Very often the seedling dies from the black legs or root rot. To avoid this and keep your plants must be treated with a solution based on hydrogen peroxide.

To do this in 1 liter of water dissolve 1 tbsp of peroxide. The resulting solution was watered seedlings. If found diseased seedlings, do the following: gently remove with a lump of land and right in this form is omitted in the solution, the earth will settle at the bottom, the roots will become visible.

Then dive seedlings and planting in new land. 5-7 days shed again with this solution.

4. Hydrogen peroxide from late blight.
To prepare the solution in the bucket, not taking iron, that was not the reaction, dilute with 8 tablespoons of peroxide and add 10 of iodine. The resulting solution sprayed the bushes of tomatoes in the prevention of late blight.

5. Fertilizer.
Hydrogen peroxide is not only disinfecting, but also fertilizer. Therefore, the hydrogen peroxide solution I use for adult plants.

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