🌿🌿🌿FEMALE GRASS🌿🌿🌿 🌿🌿🌿 To preserve youthfulness, femininity,…

To preserve youthfulness, femininity, attraction and good mood, don’t have to drink “chemistry”. Our nature is rich in plants and herbs that are popularly referred to as “female”. They help women to solve health problems and to eliminate various ailments better than the pills.
Pour a glass of boiling a tablespoon of chopped herbs of lady’s mantle, infuse, strain. Drink this tea without restrictions climacteric neurosis, dizziness, hot flashes, painful menstruation. To brew the herb is better in a thermos.
Pour a glass of water a teaspoon of dried and powdered raspberry leaf, bring to the boil, then infuse for 20 minutes. Drink tea with or berries, mashed with sugar. Herbal teas from the leaves of blackberries and raspberries help to maintain youth and beauty, women’s health, improve mood, drive away toxins, have the ability to regulate hormones and blood sugar.

This tea is for ladies in age, often with a bad mood. Tea helps to improve and relieve depression. For tea you will need chamomile flowers, hawthorn and St. John’s wort, taken in equal parts. Pour a glass of boiling water over one teaspoon of collection, to insist for 20 minutes, drain. Tea you need to drink, to savor, very slowly, in small SIPS.

Cures nervousness, irritability, loss of appetite, useful in conflicts in school and at home, the poor academic performance.
You will need: dandelion root, lemon balm, and nettle deaf (motherwort).
Lightly fried root, grind in a coffee grinder, herb to grind. One teaspoon of herbal collection to fill a thermos Cup of boiling water and infuse for 2-3 hours, take several cups a day is mandatory – for the night. The of recovery – not less than 3 weeks, while black tea can not drink!

About the benefits of this tea was known even in the Polish Ministry of health in pre-war and post-war . After the war, to restore the health of the nation, dry leaves of strawberry are by default added to all teas that are sold in stores across the country. Tea from strawberry leaves restores hormonal balance, especially in women, bringing the joy of life. It can be brewed alone or with other herbs and teas at the rate of 1 teaspoon of dried crushed leaves per Cup of boiling water. Better to insist in a thermos, or wrap a towel.

Tea from mint leaves relaxes and restores the nervous system, treats heartburn, eliminates the effects of indigestion or bad digestion and bad breath, clears the mind, gives peaceful sleep, relieves stress and harmonizes the General condition. 1 peppermint tea bag or 1 teaspoon of dried leaves brewed Cup of boiling water. You can drink it with honey and slice of lemon.

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